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dissidiaawards's Journal

Dissidia Awards
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W h a t W i l l Y o u F i g h t F o r ? C h o o s e Y o u r A l l e g i a n c e .

Dissidia Final Fantasy; Welcome to dissidiaawards. This is an icontest community dedicated to the upcoming Square-Enix game, Dissidia Final Fantasy. (Comes out August 25!)
This community was made by xhymn and is comodded by surmise. Feel free to comment here, if you have any questions or concerns. We'll get back to you asap!

Sunday: Winners announced ; New Challenge Posted
Monday - Friday: Submissions of icons
Saturday: Submissions closed
Saturday - Sunday: Voting
*Every Wednesday or Thursday will be a mid-week reminder.

Banner Makers:
We are currently recruiting! If you would like to be a banner maker, please comment here.
You may find the rotations for the weeks here.

Image Resources
Official Site
Screencaps by kookyz.

Check here for more!
*Graphics outside of Dissidia are okay as long as it includes the character from Dissidia and is a solo image of them (no other characters from the FF games they came from), unless specifically stated.


1. You must be a member to enter.
2. Your icon must be at most 100x100 pixels and 40KBs and follow livejournal specifics.
3. Stay within the given theme.
4. There is no need for any type of sexual content and no harsh language.
5. Do not display your icon until the winners for the challenges are announced.
6. Do not use fanart. Use the actual images/screen images (etc.) from the game.
7. You are allowed to make up to three icons for each challenge.
8. You are allowed to use text, textures, brushes unless stated otherwise.
9. Your icon cannot have participated in other icontests.
10. All of your icons should be custom made for the our specific challenge.
11. You are allowed to use graphics that pertain to the characters of Dissidia as long as they are no other characters in the icon unless specifically stated. (ie. You can icon a screencap of Tidus from FFX, but not of Tidus shown with Yuna.)
12. If you wish to use an icon from a challenge please wait until the winners are announced and ask if you can use it. Don't forget to credit to the person who made it.

Please, submit your icons like this:

Character(s): Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Tidus
[Made by: instantwings]


1. You must be a member to vote.
2. You can still vote even if you didn't submit!
3. You may not vote for yourself. Do not go around asking people to vote for you.
4. Place your votes in either format:

(#, #, #, #(Special Category))

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