Challenge 015: Blue - Submission

Here's your new challenge for the week! :D For this challenge, you gotta concentrate on the colour blue ~ Don't really care what shade, and there can be a mixture of colour in it as well but the majority of the icon must be blue!

01. You must be a logged in member to enter. Make sure you're logged in or else we won't know who submitted, or accept the icon(s).
02. Icon(s) must abide by the livejournal standards: 100x100 and no more than 40kbs.
03. You are allowed to use artwork aside from Official Dissidia created. Just remember that it has to be of the character representing their game. And absolutely under any circumstance is fanart, or any other character to be icon'd.
04. You are not allowed to showcase your icon(s) until the challenge is over.
05. You're also not allowed to submit icons made by someone else, and trying to pass them off as yours.
06. Three icons is the max amount that you can submit.
07. Textures, brushes, etc. are allowed to be used.

The special category for this challenge is: Best Crop, under the circumstance that we receive enough icons and participants.

When submitting your icon(s), please submit them in this format:

Characters: Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Tidus
(made by [info]instantwings)

Due date: Friday March 12th at 11:59 GMT-7
  • xhymn

Challenge 012: Provided Images - Results

Yes you read that right...these are the forgotten results for Challenge 012: Provided Images.
I'm REALLY sorry we didn't get these up sooner.

Collapse )

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all those who participated and voted.
If you would like a matching banner, please leave a comment with all the resources used.
Your bannermaker is: surmise

Also if you haven't yet, please vote on Challenge 014; Hero and Villain. We still need a few more votes before we can post results.
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Challenge 014: Hero and Villain - Extension

Well, here goes another extension... Come on guys, what's up? Is it a busy week, or something :\ ! Well, anyway! This will be the extension as we only have two participants for this challenge... Let's make it the LAST extension for this challenge, shall we?! :D Please leave an icon or three here ~!